Fabrics, Fabrics & More Fabrics!

August & September are busy times for our purchaser as this is when many of the fabrics for our upcoming season are ordered and shipped to us. We don’t deal in a huge variety of fashion fabrics but we do have a pretty decent selection. If you are looking for something specific, often our suppliers will let us special order for larger orders and sometimes they will even allow us to do some cuts for smaller projects.

Below is all the inventory we are trying to process so our customers can start buying it. This is also what we call our sample room where we cut and send out samples of fabrics to anyone who requests this. We hope to soon work this feature into our website, but for now if you call we can get you set up with samples.

Expect new quilting cottons, dancewear and more!


New Chiffon

In addition to the recent new stock in our dance line, we have also received a variety of new Chiffon. Chiffon, of course, could be used to make flowing skirts in dance wear, but can also be used for occasion wear as well…

A couple of fun facts about Chiffon

  • Chiffon can be made from silk, cotton, nylon, polyester, or rayon
  • Resembles closely woven netting
  • Drapes well and can add a floaty look to gowns and dresses
  • Can be tricky to work with due to its slippery nature
  • Name comes from an Old French word for rag

Check out this Blog Post with some tips and tricks for sewing Chiffon and check out our new selection below.

CN05690C150CM CN05410C150CM CN05430C150CM
CN05440C150CM CN05510C150CM CN05550C150CM
CN05611C150CM CN05640C150CM CN05660C150CM

New Dance Fabrics

Hey all you dance wear and costume creators, we got some snazzy new fabrics in that we are really excited about! The first two are metallic plaids – one in a red/maroon/green and the other in purple/fuchsia/green. (click to see larger images)



After many requests we are now also carrying stretch lace, which would be great for leggings and bodysuits.


Check out these new metallic polka dots prints we got — they will definiatley add just the right amount of sparkle to any dance outfit.

DX15550C150CM DX15250C150CM DX15660C150CM
DX15010C150CM DX15890C150CM DX15760C150CM

Saving the best for last? We also got some really great matching velvet and mesh in a tye dye print to create fully coordinated outfits. Below is the Mesh followed by the velvet.

DX13752C150CM DX13241C150CM DX13480C150CM DX13578C150CM DX13690C150CM
DX14752C150CM DX14241C150CM DX14480C150CM DX14578C150CM DX14690C150CM

Did you know we carry a whole range of dance / skate / sport fabrics? You can find them online here. (If you don’t have an account — email kspires@daveyfabrics.com to get setup.)

Its that time again!

Trade show season is quickly approaching, and we are going to be extra busy this year!

So far we are excited to announce our attendance at the following shows:

    CSSE – Canadian Society of Safety Engineering

When: Sunday September 12, 2010 – Wednesday September 15, 2010

Location: Halifax, NS

The conference theme in 2010 is “Prevention: Global Vision – Local Practice”. The 2010 Conference Committee has chosen the very best OHSE practitioners and case studies from around the world to present at this year’s conference. The sessions will challenge your thinking and provide practical insight into emerging issues. Not only will the program at the 2010 conference be your best professional development event this year, but you will be able to take practical tools and applications back to your workplace with you to enhance the health and safety programs in your own organization.

Click for more info.
Click for brochure.

    Western Imprints

When: October 15 & 16

Location: Calgary, AB

One of Canada’s largest embroidery shows — lookout for us showcasing our new online store!

Click for more info.

    NSC – National Safety Council

When: Congress – Oct 3 – 8 & Expo – October 4 – 6

Location: San Diego, CA

Join us in San Diego, October 3-8 for the NSC 2010 Congress & Expo. Together we can build upon the knowledge and partnerships created during last year’s event to continue to save lives by preventing injuries and deaths at work, in homes and communities, and on the roads.

Click for more info.

Welcome to the Davey Textile Blog!

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This will include but will not be limited to:

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