New Dance Fabrics

Hey all you dance wear and costume creators, we got some snazzy new fabrics in that we are really excited about! The first two are metallic plaids – one in a red/maroon/green and the other in purple/fuchsia/green. (click to see larger images)



After many requests we are now also carrying stretch lace, which would be great for leggings and bodysuits.


Check out these new metallic polka dots prints we got — they will definiatley add just the right amount of sparkle to any dance outfit.

DX15550C150CM DX15250C150CM DX15660C150CM
DX15010C150CM DX15890C150CM DX15760C150CM

Saving the best for last? We also got some really great matching velvet and mesh in a tye dye print to create fully coordinated outfits. Below is the Mesh followed by the velvet.

DX13752C150CM DX13241C150CM DX13480C150CM DX13578C150CM DX13690C150CM
DX14752C150CM DX14241C150CM DX14480C150CM DX14578C150CM DX14690C150CM

Did you know we carry a whole range of dance / skate / sport fabrics? You can find them online here. (If you don’t have an account — email to get setup.)


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