Christmas Quilt / Wall Hanging Ideas

Remember in my last post I talked about making your own Christmas quilt? Well maybe you’re not quite that industrious… or maybe you just don’t have that much time. Again, our panels come to the rescue! Actually meant to be wall hangings, they are quite easily transformed by using the coordinating prints, a little creativity and some decorative stitching into an eye-catching quilt (which could still be hung with one of our great quilt hangers – we even have Christmas themed ones. Just take the panel section and add some decorative stitching to highlight certain parts of the scene (optional),use the coordinating prints to quilt around the edges, and add a cozy underside like some of our minkie or fleece. If you want an example of how this is done check out Karen’s Kids Quilt.

This would be a great starter project to share with your family and make your home feel just that much more festive over the holiday season.
The Panel:


The Coordinating Prints:





The panel and coordinating prints for this project can be found here.

How about light blue or maize minkie for the underside?



Our minkie selection can be found here.

Once your done you can either cozy up with it or hang it with one of our Christmas themed quilt hangers such as this one:


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