Dec 2: A Puzzling Wreath

Welcome to Day 2 of our Advent Calender! A quick rundown if you missed yesterday’s post: every day up until Christmas Eve, our blog will feature a new craft idea. This projects will range from ornaments to more extensive sewing projects. For today, I present the Puzzle Piece Wreath. Just make sure your puzzle pieces are not being used by someone else!

Items Needed:
-Hot Glue Gun
Piece of Ribbon
-Various puzzle pieces

How to:
1. Take 7-8 puzzle pieces and add a dab of hot glue on each end. Add a puzzle piece on top, arranging in a circle as you go.

2. Repeat for second layer but using 1-2 less to make a smaller circle. Add glue to the back of the smaller circle and put on top of larger one.

3. Tie ribbon in a loop and flip wreath upside down. Attach ribbon on back using more hot glue. Day two out of 25! If you want, feel free to add more ornaments and/or a bow on the front of your ornament.

P.s. I apologize for not introducing myself yesterday. For the curious out there, my name is Carly and I’m your new blogger! Ta daa! I have an eclectic group of hobbies which include normal things such as reading and cooking with a dash of the slightly more offbeat, being Roller Derby and Geocaching. Stay tuned for more of my topical textile entries.


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