Dec 3: Lightbulb Decor

Ah Christmas lights. Every year you take them out of storage, untangle them and go through each string trying to find each burnt out bulb. It’s a time-honored tradition that ranks right up there with shoveling the walks only to have them covered again in a matter of minutes. Here’s a project that recycles your old light bulbs into a new ornament for your tree.

Items Needed:
-Old Christmas light bulb
-Ornament Hook & Wire
-Hot Glue gun
-Various ornaments ex. Mini Pinecones, Beads,Buttons

How to:
1. Take your wire and make a loop. Attach loop to bulb using your hot glue gun. Allow to set.

2. Make a few bows out of your ribbon and select your other decorations. Attach your adornments via the glue gun and allow to set again.

3. Take the ornament loop and attach to wire. Find an empty spot on your tree and fill it in with your new ornament!


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