Dec 4: Snowflake & Zippers

Today’s project is a neat one! It’s a snowflake made out of zipper sliders. It’s a different way for snowflake ornaments on your tree, and an unexpected one at that.

Items Needed:
6 Zipper Sliders
-Ornament Hook
6 Small Buttons and 1-2 Large Buttons
Beads, Ornaments etc.
-Hot glue gun

How to:
1. Arrange your 6 zipper slider in a circle with the pulls stretch out like arms on a snowflake. Attach to each other using glue gun and in the space between each zipper add a dollop of glue and place a button in each spot. Besides looking pretty, the buttons works as an extra anchor for all the zippers to stay together.

2. Place Large button in the middle of the sliders and attach with glue. Depending on what you want you can have one large button on each side of the snowflake in the middle or a cluster of smaller ornaments. Feel free to add as many ornaments as you like.

3. Attach ornament hook on which arm you want on top and pick a spot for your new snowflake to sit. All done!

P.S. I apologize profusely for not getting these up on the weekend. I was already ready to go with posting and then realized I forgot the password for the blog. It won’t happen again.


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