Dec 10: Snowman Banner

Good Morning all! It snowed a fair bit here in Edmonton, and conveniently enough today we’re featuring a Snowman quilting project. It’s a lovely wall hanger to bring a little Winter Wonderland indoors without worrying about melting snow. You will need the Wintry Welcome pattern and the following fabrics.

Items Needed:
1 1/4yd Blue for Background, backing & hanging sleeve
1/3yd Red or whatever colour you want for hat band, dots, fringe and binding
18 x 22″ White for snowman and flakes
8 x 13″ for Scarf, in whatever colour you want.
5 x 11″ Black for hat, eyes & mouth
5 x 6 ” Green for mitten
2 x 9″ Orange for carrot nose
2 x 3″ Brown for arm

1 yd Steam-a-Seam
22 x 36″ Warm and Natural cotton batting
1 yd Ribbon or decorative cord for hanging
1/2 x 18″ Dowel for hanging
Robison- Anton black Rayon embroidery thread for satin stitching
Quilting thread
Non permanent fabric marking pencil or marker in a lighter color


One Response to “Dec 10: Snowman Banner”

  1. SilviaRucker Says:

    It is beautiful. I love it. Wonderful idea!

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