Dec 12: Santa Door Banner

Welcome to Day 12 of our Christmas advent calender! Featuring a decorative Santa banner! This jolly fellow will surely light up an area you put him. In order to make this you are going to need the Santa Under the Stars pattern.

Items Needed:

-3/4yd Green for Background and backing
-1/2yd Red for Santa’s Coat, hat, & binding
-11×12″ White 1 for Santa’s beard & brows
-6 x 11″ White 2 for Hat fur
-5 x 6″ Gold 1 for Stars
-4 x 6″ Pale Peach for face
-2 x 2″ Black for mouth
-2 x 2″ Pink for bottom lip
-2 x 2″ Gold 2 for coat button

-3/4yd Lite Steam-a-Seam 2: 18″ wide
-18 x 28″ Warm and Natural cotton Batting
-1/2 x 13″ Dowel for hanging
-Robison-Anton black rayon embroidery thread for satin stitching
-Quilting thread
-A non-permanent fabric marking pencil or marker in a lighter colour


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