Project of the Day: Zippered Clutch

I found this adorable clutch at diystyle. It’s a great casual purse for when you’re out and about. Just make sure you don’t leave it somewhere!

Supplies Needed:
3/8 yard of 60” wide suede cloth
5/8 yard of woven fusible interfacing
1 – 10” Straight Hex-open frame (Ghee’s)
2 – 24” Coats and Clark heavyweight metal separating zippers
Zipper foot
Dual Duty XP sewing thread
The KIT (sewing box essentials)
11” dinner plate


Project of the Day: Doggy Jacket

There’s numerous different patterns online for custom doggy jackets. I like the idea of making jackets tailored to your dog. It’s makes it easier for them to frolic about in the snow without tripping themselves up or getting too chilly. The one pictured above is from Martha Stewart’s site. I have also linked a few different styles down below. Supplies depend on which version you try of course, and you will have to get your dog to sit nicely for proper measurements.

Houndstooth Jacket
Make Baby Clothes into Doggy Clothes
Thrift Store Jacket to Doggy Jacket
Tweed Jacket
Snuggy for your Dog
Simple Suede Jacket

New Products! From The Grace Company

We have some new products from The Grace Company’s TrueCut line for you to try out. The new products include a new 6″ x 24″ ruler, non-skid pads and the True Cut Rotary Blade sharpener. The Sharpener is one product we’re very excited about. It’s easy to use and helps with keeping your blades in good condition and sharp for a long time

You can find the rest of our new products on the eStore homepage, as well as links to pricing as well. If you have any questions feel free to email me

Project of the Day: Fitted Sheet to a Light Quilt

Daisy Janie has a great tutorial on how to make a quilt from a fitted sheet. Again, it’s an easy project with minimal prep work that doesn’t take too long to try. For when you have those fitted sheets you don’t what to do with.

You will need:
2 fitted sheets or 2 large pieces of fabric
Batting of your choice to fit the size of your quilt.

Project of the Day: 30 Minute Jacket

Here’s a really quick and nifty idea. It’s a 30 Minute Jacket from It’s hard to find something as simple as this that looks as great. If you have extra fabric lying around, try your hand at this.

You will need:
Measuring Tape or ruler
Sewing machine

Project of the Day: Baby Crib Cover & Activity Blanket

I’m featuring two projects today, both with a similar theme. I found this earlier today and thought I might share them with you. Both are these are great projects to make for the new mother’s in your life.

Minky Crib Sheet:
First off, we have a Minkie crib sheet. Simple enough, but I know how much I enjoy how soft Minkie is. I imagine that a baby would absolutely love this as well. You can view th tutorial on Honey Bear Lane.

Also, for an idea on what Minkie to use here’s our selection: Minkie Fabrics.

Baby Activity Blanket:
This is for a DIY version of the baby activity mats. This is a great idea, and I think any new mother would really appreciate having. You can find the tutorial at: Today’s Top 20

Project of the Day: Oven Mitts

It’s the first Friday of the New Year. And today I have a new project for you to try out. Oven Mitts! I don’t know about you but there’s been a few times I’ve accidentally burned a hole in my oven mitts. It’s always inconvenient when you forget about the hole and end up burning yourself when picking something up. This is a fairly basic tutorial, great for beginners.

Sew Your Own Sewing Mitts

You will need:
Double-fold bias tape
Fabric remnant
Volume fleece or other thick fabric with insulating properties
Matching Thread
Printed pattern piece (pattern is on her website)