Project of the Day: Quilted Mad Tea Party Set

This is an adorable project to try. Especially if you know any little girls who love Alice in Wonderland, or loves to play tea party. It may have a bit of a challenger to this as it requires a fair amount of work. The results however are well worth it. Check out the instructions at Instructables.

You will need:
Typical sewing tools, needles scissors and so forth.
Fray Check – “Use this when you intentionally or unintentionally cut a seam allowance smaller than you like. It will help stabilize the edge of the fabric so it doesn’t fray out when you need it.”
Iron and ironing board
Interfacing or Freezer Paper & Batting
Note: “You will need to choose to either use an iron-on interfacing OR use freezer paper and batting.

Fusible interfacing – 2-3 yards, relatively lightweight if this is for display, heavier weight if some dolls will be making regular use of it.
Freezer paper – you’ll need several feet – cut the interfacing shapes on the pattern, iron it in place, and pull the paper before sewing things closed.
Batting – cut pieces to match the interfacing patterns, put the batting in before sewing things closed.”


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