New: Canvas & Denim

Bull Denim:

We got in a bunch of new colours for our Bull Denim. Keep watching for new colours!

Canvas Prints:


Quilting: Batiks & Novelty plus Thread Starter Kits

More quilting fabrics!


To see the rest of the colors in these styles, just click the images.


We got a selection of assorted novelty prints in. Feel free to take a peek.

Thread Starter Packs:

New items! Check out the starter packs we just got in.

Flannel, Gift Wrapping and a Quilt Line: New Fabrics


Here’s a few of the new flannels. To see all of the printed flannels, check here.

Christmas Prints:

We have a couple fabrics that came in that will work very well as gift wrapping.

Quilting Fabrics-Groovy:

New Fabrics: Dance, Flannel and Christmas

A few new fabrics as of late. We’ve started getting alot of our Christmas fabric. You can get started on your Christmas projects early. Here’s the new items:




Plus a few snowman flannels.