Batiks, Plaid & More

We have had a good amount of new fabrics come in the last little while. Take a look down below!

Quilting Cottons



Champagne Lights








Shaggy Minkie, Flannel & Graphic Elegance

Welcome to the 2012! Here’s the first new fabrics of this year:

Cuddle Long Minkie

Flannel Prints and Patterns

Quilting Cottons:

Graphic Elegance

New Fabrics: Dance, Flannel and Christmas

A few new fabrics as of late. We’ve started getting alot of our Christmas fabric. You can get started on your Christmas projects early. Here’s the new items:




Plus a few snowman flannels.

New Fabrics!

We have received a plethora of new fabrics lately! Here’s a couple of samples below. Any item that’s new in our inventory is marked, therefore anytime you’re browsing through our inventory you have a good idea what we’ve recently received.


There’s a large variety of new printed fabrics that have arrived. Here’s a brief overview of some of them. To see the collection just click on the image below.

Batman & Superman:

For the anybody who loves Batman & Superman. There’s several types of fabrics with the World’s Greatest team up including flannel, fleece & blankets. Here’s a small choice of what we have:

For all Batman, click here. For Superman, click here.

Quilting Fabrics:

Lots of Children’s Quilting Fabrics. Click on image to see the collection

FlannelĀ Prints

The new stock just keeps coming for us — September and October are such busy months! We have some new kids flannel + some Christmas prints that would make some great PJ’s, and yes, we even have a pyjama pattern.

All of our flannel prints can be found here.

SKU:PT50 2686ABC

All of our great jalie patterns can be found here.